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Our motto: Achieve more with less!

We aim to improve productivity and reduce reliance on human labor.

DazhPay™ is smart restaurant menu cum ePOS (Point-Of-Sales), online retailing and wireless order processing system integrated with e-wallet, visa or cash payment collection, instant update of product listing, re-pricing, discount management, e-loyalty scheme, e-voucher*, inventory and order management. It features “restaurant menu and order send to kitchen” functionality and track status of order.
In particular, DAZHPAY™ offer many small-value items that are typically paid for in cash: food, beverages, and merchandise to be transacted online, anywhere and anytime. It captures all transactions and real-time monitoring of sales and revenue management becomes possible for these businesses.
Incorporated solutions such as queue system, auto removal of out of stock item, low inventory alert, interface with vending machine and gate entry and many more to come.
*Features not available. Coming soon.

Our Uniqueness:
For Consumers

Need only single login to one platform to fulfill all types of purchases and payment.  Feature e-wallet for young children as young as six years old. Auto currency exchange in foreign countries – possibility of a world standard currency. Search nearby businesses. No need to carry cash and loyalty card. No need to stand in queue even in self-service food centers! Retrieve and re-print your history of purchases.

For Merchants,
No need to hire IT professional. Reduce manpower to take orders and handle cash. Manage menu remotely, sell offline and online. View and analyze latest sales data and performance instantly. Allow customer to geo-locate your business. Set loyalty and e-voucher parameters at an instant to attract, promote frequent visits and retain customers. Customer relationship management (coming soon). Safe to use and you can exit Dazhpay anytime. We have scheme to limit the cost of using Dazhpay.
100% paperless, card-less and cashless. We free your resources to serve the customer better and improve their experiences of using your services.


Solving Current Problems:
Retailers require manpower to take orders, pass orders to kitchen or back end warehouse.
Retailers require manpower to collect cash payment, count change, reconcile cash and deliver to bank.
Mistakes in handling cash and employee embezzlement of cash and failure to detect fake bill. Inconvenience and risk in handling and carrying cash.
Costly loyalty and vouchers infrastructures / programs
Customers standing in queue for self-collection orders.
Customers has no hard cash to make purchases
Users need multiple log in sessions to visit different sites to make order.

A. Consumer: How to get started!
1) Consumer Registration
a. For consumer, visit www.dazhpay.com. On mobile phone, click “show list” icon (3 bars) at top left of the page “Register”. For larger screen device, on top left, click ‘Register’.
b. Key in your personal details and then open your email and follow instruction to verify your email.
Consumer ‘Sign In’
c. After verification of email, visit www.dazhpay.com. On mobile phone version, click “show list” icon (3 bars) at top left of the page, click “Sign In”. For larger screen device, on top left, click ‘Register’.
d. Click ‘Nearby” store or use the “Search” function to locate products or services.
e. You may pay using cash, credit in e-wallet or PayPal/Visa credit/Debit account.

2) Consumer topping up e-wallet
a. For consumer, to top up e-wallet using cash you must be physically on site of a participating store then visit the same store page in www.dazhpay.com.
b. On the left floating bar or bottom of the store main page, click “Top Up Request” icon. Key in the amount you wanted to top up and click ‘Submit”. Then proceed to the store to hand over cash.
c. To top up via PayPal/Visa (Visa charges applies), go to main page of www.dazhpay.com, click on “Top Up e-Wallet”. On mobile phone, click on the list button to drop down list of actions.
d. For internet bank transfer, you may conduct an instant transfer to Dazhpay bank account provided on the website or apply for Giro regular top up.  Indicate your correct Dazhpay user name in the transaction. This is a manual process and will take some time for your account to be topped up.

B. Merchant / Seller: How to get started!
1) Merchant / Seller Registration
a. For merchant, visit www.dazhpay.com and click “list” icon to see list of actions or top left of the page “Register to sell”. Key in your company and contact details and click submit. You will need to wait for email notification to verify your email. Open your email and follow instruction to verify your email.
b. After verification of your email, Dazhpay system owner will be able to approve your application. Dazhpay customer service officer will reach out to you for verification.
c. Once approved, visit Dazhpay and log in to your merchant account and start creating stores and add products.

C. What is DAZHPAY™?
1) E-menu - Wireless POS or self-service ordering system for sending customer orders to kitchen or back end logistics to prepare order for delivery. Remove manpower needed to manually pass order to kitchen or logistic store.
2) Cloud based solution that allow merchants to create instant online stores, menu, manage products and inventory remotely anywhere anytime. Products are instantly updated for both online and offline walk-in customers.
3) Online payment collection system for all types of businesses including impromptu fare collection for taxi drivers, plumbers, home repair service providers, locksmiths, cash on delivery and electricians.
4) Products are instantly updated for online and on site offline walk-in purchases. Price and discount displayed is remotely managed via DAZHPAY™ panel.
5) Feature cashless, card-less E-wallet, e-voucher* and e-loyalty program - to make online and offline cashless payment and where fund is transferable between account holders. Giving 'cash' or pocket money remotely to someone you loved.
6) For restaurant, customer order will be sent to kitchen for preparation and delivery to table or home or self-pick up.
7) No more standing in queue or wait for service staffs to take order. Queue number system for self-service/self-pick up and table number registration for eat in. Queue system where customers can watch live online queue and monitor when order is ready for collection.
8) Merchant is able to remotely change menu, discount, loyalty award or item for sale and implement them instantly. Automatically turn off discount at end of sales period or indicate “out of stock” if item is sold out. Remote updating of marketing campaign, change discount and loyalty feature
9) Allow customer to make multiple orders from different stores in one transaction.
10) Critical transactions are audit trailed to prevent fraud and meet regulatory requirements.*
11) Low stock inventory alert.
12) Automatically remove out-of-stock/sold out item from menu.
13) Stores can be searched and located on map and by address
14) Customer can claim loyalty point right from the purchase without need to show loyalty card.
15) Remote updating of marketing campaign, change discount and loyalty feature and implement them instantly.
16) Bulk update of products and duplicating menu for new stores
17) Continue to sell even after Off–office hour operation.

Coming soon
18) E-money of different currencies can be used in any countries. Eliminate need to exchange money when visiting a foreign country
19) Inventory control integrated with ordering system for automatic low stock replenishing. Sent request to supplier to replenish stock automatically.
20) Businesses connect to target customers, give offers, drive  traffic to the store and track consumption behavior
21) Interface with external devices and machine – vending machine, gate collection and even opening doors!

D. DAZHPAY™  In Action – Scenario of applications
1) Order a meal/product/gift remotely but collect locally
A young girl is in town and forget to bring her money. She messages/phones her father who is far away to buy her chicken burger or a pair of shoes from a stall where she is located.
Father visits that store online, orders products/food remotely and notes down order or queue number and indicate daughter’s name/secret word in the order. Daughter walks up to stall to pick up her shoes/meal using the order or queue number or announce her name/secret.

2) Order a meal in advance for young children
Mother meet son early morning before going to school and visit online food stores operating in the school canteen. Son selects pizza meal for recess break. Mother orders a meal in advance, enters a secret note “I love dazhpay” or son’s name in the order and get a confirmation order number.
Son goes to school and picks up his meal during recess with the order number or with the words "I love dazhpay" or just quote his name.

3) Remotely send money
Daughter, Sharon, 11 years old, goes for shopping with friends. She sees a unique gift suitable for Daddy’s birthday. She does not have enough money, no Visa card and message mom for some money. At home, mom top up (send money to) Sharon’s e-wallet account remotely and Sharon can buy the gift using her mobile device.

4) No more standing in queue. Order meal without queuing up
In self-service food centers, David orders and paid three meals from three different stores in one transaction for his family without leaving his seat in food center using his mobile phone. He watch the queue number live online and waits for his meals to be ready for pick up.

5) Create Instant Point of Sales Terminal
Merchants have long queues - pull out another tablet as e-POS terminal or use it as another self-check-out station in an instant.

6) Continue selling operation after off-hour shopping and sales
On the street, a customer physically walks up to a shop on but it is closed. Customer scan the web address affixed to the window or door of shop and continues to shop and requested ordered item to be sent to his address.

Coming Soon
7) Sell on billboard or pamphlets and printed icons in advertising board
While on the way home walking along street, on escalator to train station or waiting at bus stop,   customer sees an interesting advertisement. Customer scans QR code of advertised item to review, modifies and make an online order.

8) Self-service or DIY check out Retailing Store
Customer walk into a grocery shop, point and scan products, pay up and collect items at checkout counter or request to be delivered to home. Eliminating the extra task of worker having to pick and place goods on shelves and then having them being removed by customer. Eliminate unnecessary movement of products. Only one sample item of each product need to be displayed in the shelves saving lots of space for stores.

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E. Security and Safety
1) DAZHPAY™  is compliant with the security standards and uses top class SSL certificate security to keep your data safe. Like any bank transaction, SSL encrypted transmission ensure data are transmitted securely over the internet.
2) Your personal sensitive password information is encrypted during transmission. The password “My Password” will appear something like #$11#*aG_&-;}ʂ˥˩˪#*a× ?_&-;}
3) Our unique defense system uses Multi-factor authentication to authenticate every transaction above limit set by you.
4) You may use user ID to remain anonymous and your personal information (real name) will not be known to outside world. However, during registration, your true ID will be registered for security and legal reasons and Dazhpay will not reveal to anyone.
5) You limit your risk by limiting the amount of credit/money in your dazhpay account. You can request money to be transferred to your bank account on a daily basis.
6) When you make a payment, your payment account details are not shared to outside world - giving you peace of mind when you use Dazhpay.
7) All content of our online business are stored within our servers and are managed by us and not exposed to third party risk.


F. For Merchants
1) Six months free use. We do not hold you as a ‘hostage’. You can exit anytime and all credits will be processed for refund within 3 working days.
2) You can limit the amount of credit/money in the system and can request for credit to be transferred daily to your bank account.
3) Apply for limit on commission charges
Transaction Commission Scheme - Pay per transaction base on fixed ($0.15) and variable (1.5%). You may opt to pay monthly subscription fees to reduce the fixed commission to $0.08 and variable commission to 1.0%. Merchants have option to switch between schemes. We guaranteed low monthly cost by limiting commission charges to $500 or 3.5% of the transaction value per month per store (excluding add on special applications such as advertisement) whichever is higher. Merchant can apply for lower commission scheme when they met certain transaction volume. We will work with merchants to keep the cost down.
4) Unlike other mobile solutions that are focused only on payment solution or provide online e-commerce, DAZHPAY™  integrates many aspects of business including innovative business tools such as online and paperless receipt, online menu, instant update of product and discount, queuing system, order management (track status, self-pick-up, advance processing), loyalty and coupon program (coming soon) and low re-order stock inventory management providing efficiencies for merchants and improving customer satisfaction. We offer mobile e-wallet that consumers can pay at ease anywhere around the world.
5) Customers can place orders wirelessly and pay directly using their personal mobiles devices without cashier, waiters or waitress to attend to them. Remove manpower needed to accept cash payment and handling of cash.
6) It can be used as wireless Point Of Sales.
7) Extremely low (or near zero if personal devices are used) start-up cost.
8) Menu, products details, add / remove products and discount (and expiry of discount) can be changed remotely and updated at an instant. There is no need to re-print menu.
9) Products are indicated out of stock or not available automatically when a product is out of stock or set to be not available on certain days of week. Saving the manual effort of having to tag out of stock in a traditional printed menu.
10) Customer can locate a targeted business on a map, user the QR code generated for you or simply search targeted store name.
11) Easily implement a "deliver to seat" or "deliver to table" service for restaurant. For self-service, queue system allow customer to watch live queue of the store.
12) Allow Drive-through order and pick up
13) DAZHPAY™ gives you the flexibility to create additional POS when needed, and deploy them anywhere.
14) Out-of-the-box functionality within the DAZHPAY™ mobile business platform allows you to create & replicate multiple POS on tablets during peak period quickly – fostering closer interaction between sales staff and customers, and eliminating queues during peak hours or shopping festivals.
15) Scalable and grow with business without need to change software or hardware.
16) Improves customer service as staff can assist customers rather than having to man the cash registers.
17) QR-code is a direct sales link between business and customers ... wherever it appears!
18) Customers can accrue and redeem loyalty rewards in real-time – right on their mobile device, without having to carry loyalty cards. Loyalty accounts are stored in the customer profile on the DAZHPAY™ apps to be redeemed in real-time during a purchase. A sophisticated loyalty program can be created and deployed without any additional infrastructure. With everything centralized in one place, DAZHPAY™ streamlines the payment process and elevates loyalty to a new level. Do away with old-fashioned loyalty cards which customers often lose or forget to bring with them
19) DAZHPAY™ provides real-time insight into sales volume and revenues.
20) DAZHPAY™ is the perfect solution to implement an Online-to-Offline retail strategy.
21) Gives customers convenience of transferring fund among themselves to make purchases on web stores or restaurant.
22) We have transaction scheme designed for small value transactions so that retailer selling small value item at high volume will incur less cost per transaction.
23) Self-service ordering system which can help merchant save manpower in taking orders and handling of cash.
24) Merchant will have online queue information for consumer. This eliminate standing in a queue.
25) Someone far away can order a meal on my behalf in a shop where i visited.
26) The e-credit in the e-wallet can be used in other country (avoid the need to exchange currency when visiting a foreign country)

Coming Soon
27) Let customers purchase directly from print advertisements.
28) We use QR-codes differently: rather than a marketing message that points to a website, a DAZHPAY™ QR-code is a direct sales channel. Merchants can control the interaction with customers when they scan a DAZHPAY™ ™ QR-code on an advertisement - whether in a magazine, newspaper, billboard, poster or TV. Customers can purchase directly from the ads!
29) Interactive messaging during the purchase help build closer relationships with customers
30) Create multiple specialized offers and rewards based on customer segment or loyalty tier
31) Giving e-coupons to engage loyal customer. The coupons (percentage discount, free product redemption, fixed value) can be created at any time, which is impossible to do with printed coupons. Maximize ROI by giving the right incentives to the right customer groups. Keep track of the full coupon lifecycle and generate insightful post-campaign analysis
32) Promote products or added-value in-store services, and let DAZHPAY™ direct customers right to the shop. Merchants can place advertisements in outdoor locations (bus stops, metro stations, shopping malls) or print ads, and when customers scan the DAZHPAY™ QR-code the built-in geo-location can direct them to the nearest store. Many times consumers see an advertisement for something they like, but don't know where to buy it. With DAZHPAY™, customers know where to buy and are directed to the nearest store.
33) Bill collection and facilities/seats booking. Allow restaurant table reservation.
34) Wrap up a Low stock inventory alert into an order and send to supplier for stock replenishment.
35) Customer relationship management – find out top few most frequent or highest paying customers, longest or least patronage customer, push offers to the right customers at the optimal time. DAZHPAY™ enables merchants to design special offers based on customer purchase behavior - which means you could push special offers based on items purchased. When a customer purchases a laptop or phone, for example, you could push an offer for an accessory or peripheral. You could also potentially follow up customers with product of additional features.

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G. For Consumers
1) No cash, loyalty or cash card to carry around. No fear of losing them.
2) No fear of being robbed. No transmission of bacteria and germs through contact with cash
3) No possibility of being robbed.
4) Jump the queue and no need to stand in queue! No more waiting in the line to pay, or handing over cash or credit cards at the cashier.
5) No need to wait for waiter and waitress. Place and pay order anywhere you sit yourself.
6) Accrue and redeem loyalty rewards in real-time – right on your mobile device, without having to carry loyalty cards. Loyalty accounts are stored in your account to be redeemed during a purchase.
7) Remotely order a meal or stationeries from home or office for your children who are in school or send them pocket money into their e-wallets.
8) For self-pick up order, queue system inform you when item is ready for collection eliminating the need to stand in queue.
9) Find the items you like quickly and easily on a map – at the nearest shop, or purchase directly from the saved past or repeat order list
10) Get paperless coupons in your account. No need to bring coupons/voucher.
11) No need to re-type your personal information and card details every time.
12) Your personal information and payment details are not stored on the mobile device – increasing your security.
13) When you pay, your information is safe if you lose your phone – as nothing is stored on the mobile device itself
14) Order and pay from your mobile anytime at your convenience, and save time when you collect.
15) Easily send money among your friends or colleagues.
16) You can repeat your favorite orders which are saved in your transaction.

Coming Soon
17) Scan your items as you shop, so you don’t have to wait for an available cashier.
18) Any coupons or special offers automatically pop-up at time of payment – you can choose which ones you want to use!
19) No more searching for coupons in the newspaper – instead, scan one QR-code and download hundreds of e-coupons!
20) Using e-coupons is fast and discreet – they’re built-in and automatically matched to your purchases. Unlike other mobile solutions that are focused only on payment solution or provide online e-commerce, we combined both and included mobile e-wallet that consumers can pay at ease anywhere around the world.


H. Other advance features and uniqueness
36) Our online stored can be searched or located by city and street name or business name or keywords or GPS code. You may repeat favorite orders from your past transaction.
37) Off office hour Sales Operation. The physical stores can publish web address for consumer to reach their menu or 2-D QR code for quick access. And continued shopping even when the shop close is closed.
38) User set transaction limit. When exceeded, two factor authentication will apply. Consumer uses ID and password combination to make online payment.
39) You can easily transfer pocket money to your family or friends. You may be out of your country and your kid in your home country call you up for pocket money. You can transfer money from your e-wallet to your kid’s e-wallet within seconds.  E.g. Remotely transfer money to young children to purchase a meal
40) Items can be remotely paid by someone else at different location and items collected locally. You may a meal from a restaurant or an item from a retail store for your kids remotely from different part of the world and inform them the queue / order number via email or messages. With the order number, your kids can collect the food or items from the local store or restaurant.
41) Each transaction receipt will be sent to the registered consumers email account. The order transaction history can also be found in the consumer’s online e-wallet account.
42) Each historical order can be used a favorite order list for re-ordering. The new order created can be edited such as removing an item, add new item and increase the quantity to be ordered.
43) Our online application work on any devices that has bowser application regardless of your mobile device – iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone
44) Lost password can be recovered by answering your self-created questions and answers or submitting your private email address.

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